Assistant P.E. teacher?

Question:I was offered a job to be an assistant for an elementary school P.E. teacher but I am not good with being loud and assertive. But I am 20 and I need money and it pays well. Do you think I should go for it and do you know what kind of duties an assistant to a P.E. teacher does??

The assistant usually helps set up and organize equipment for the different classes and is there to assist the teacher during instructional time. You might help referee games in the gym, blow the whistle for time, etc. You don't have to be loud, but will have to be assertive to a point. I think a lot of it has to do with the personality of the teacher and what they expect you to do. I say go for it. If you don't like it, you can always quit after the school year. Trust me, we have a hard enough time keeping assistants as it is, so if you leave, someone else will gladly take your spot.
I haven't heard of an assistant PE teacher before, but I can give you some advice. You will not necessarily need to be loud, but you will need to be assertive in some way. Do you have any background in teaching or working with kids? As in all school situations, you will need to be able to enforce the rules of the class fairly and consistently.

A bonus for you is that as an assistant, there are probably already lessons, rules, and a classroom management system in place and you will just need to learn them rather than make your own.

Otherwise, have fun! In my school the gym teachers are some of the most loved, because the kids get to run around and play games and be (sort of) loud, which they don't get to do in other classes.
Be prepared to be on your feet most of the day.
You cannot sit down when you are tired.
It is really exhausting unless you are a fitness freak.
Good luck!

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