Are there programs for new teachers in Texas-as students- to help get them through school- Grants/ contracts?

Question:My friend is a nurse and the hospital she works in gave her a salary and helped pay for her education while she was in school with a contract stating she would work for them for the following 5 years and she would graduate with a certain GPA and within a certain timeframe. This set up her life for 2 years of school and 5 years working so she didn't have to work while in school and had real motivation to finish quickly and do well. I am currently going to school for education and was wondering if anyone knows of a similar program for teachers? I'll be in the central Texas area and would love a program like my friend's! Any info helps! Thanks so much!

I am not sure what is called now, but there was a program that I think used to be called Teach for Texas. Basically, you get a loan to finish your degree, but if you agree to work in a high-need or low-income district for a certain number of years (I think it was 3-4) you wouldn't have to repay any of the loan. Ask an advisor or someone in the financial aid department about that.

Another thing you might look into is a program (again, not sure what it is called) where instead of doing student teaching, you get hired by a school district and they assign you to a mentor teacher. You give up part of your salary, but you start getting paid right away instead of having to support yourself through student teaching. And you already have your foot in the door at that school, so if you do a good job, they will probably hire you for the next year. Ask your eduacation advisor if that is an option at your college.

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