Why should students own 4 years of science?

I live in Dallas, Texas and im writing a paragraph almost this topic. Can somebody please give me a function why we should have for years of science class?

Answers:    Science is a subject which you experience every afternoon of your life. Your wake up and breathing is science. Your interaction with the world around you is science. Watching the report to see what the weather will be is science. Science is constantly changing and growing. What is the "truth" today may be proven to change tomorrow. Science is a critical subject and everyone should know as much about it as possible. There are so several different branches of science which you can study. Biology, meteorology, chemistry, earth science, oceanography, physics, etc. Nearly everything we experience, drink, munch through is affected by some sort of science.

Think roughly the Kentucky Creation Museum,

Think about how adjectives terrorists are religious.

We're trying to fight that.
'Not sure that you do. But the tutor apparently wishes that you assume that this requirement 'is' the truth -- so just filch it from there...

Since this is a writing assignment on the subject, contained by only a paragraph, variety sure you give the root why -- and keep another paragraph written out for yourself that you can compare your own thoughts of why students 'should not' own four years of science.

In other words, play your own devil's advocate... Play near it, see? And just relax near it.

I do not believe that so many citizens in Texas or the United States mostly, believe that students really feel that students should enjoy four years of science.

But, well, this is your class assignment.

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