Career deciding! vet, movie editor, teacher,lawyer, writer or what?

Question:Hello I need help. Here is my problem I have spent my whole life wanting to be a vet esp equine vet problem is I cant spend ten years in collage to do that I also like to edit videos and i like to write books other things im interested in is being a lawyer or a teacher, what is the best career choice? what makes good money and I dont spend forever in collage to even START my career? I am 15 and I would like to have a better idea of what I am going for before collage applications come in, and I want to graduate early. Also what do you think is more of a leasurable job? I am asking because I am engaged and I want a child around 25-28, I really want to be a vet though but it takes so long any other animal careers I don't know about?!? THANKS

Teacher is probably the fastest and easiest. 4.75 years of college. BA/BS degree plus education courses and student teaching.

Lawyer is 8 year.

Video editing is virtually impossible to break into unless you have a family member in the Unions.

Writing pays little money.
Why don't you just become an animal activist type person that writes books and edit movies about animal rights?
Chances are you will change your major several times while in college. You're still young so you have time to take classes and see what you like. You can apply to colleges that offer a wide variety of classes under an undeclared major -- it's okay because you're not officially in your program until you apply again and get accepted within the college. If you want a career that you can make time for a child at 25-28, it would probably be a teacher over a vet, lawyer, or vet, but make sure teaching is for you. Anyway, 15 is a little too young to be engaged, you should wait until you're out of college first!

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