As times have changed so have our communication capabillities....?

Question:Do you think that handwriting penmanship will decline since todays world is converting to a technological way of delivering communication between one another?

There are now computers that correct spelling and allow us to type up letters faster than handwriting them.

there are text messaging for people on the go or in class.

There are also phones EVERYWHERE... who needs to write anymore?!?!

Also let me know if you feel that penmanship will be somthing that teachers stress in the next generation of elementary students??

If not, what communication skill will take its place as an equally important skill?

I understand your point. One can even speak and the words appear in some situations. However, I certainly hope penmanship doesn't fall by the wayside. There is still something special about a handwritten letter, for example. And I think there will always be the need to know how to write the "old-fashioned way" (for a grocery list maybe) -- just in case! I feel the same way about knowing how to do simple math "in our heads" instead of on calculators.
I believe that handwriting should be more stressed considering technology. If there will be fewer and fewer hardcopys of information, the hardcopys that people do work with need to be completed with MORE attention so that the sometimes inconvient paper will be very appealing and easier to work with.

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