Any good books for first year teachers to read?

Question:I am still looking for a job for the current school year, but I figured I should start reading some more books about teaching. Right now I may be getting a second grade teaching position. Any good books that I can read about first year teaching or second grade teachers?

I recommend anything by Sue Cowley - she's my saviour and I wouldn't have got through my first year of teaching without the"How to survive your first year in teaching" and "Getting the buggers to behave"

Also check out these websites

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About teaching of what? English?

If yes, I recommend you 'The practice of English Language Teaching' written by Jeremy Harmer :)

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This is a great book, no matter what grade you teach! I read it before my first year of teaching :)

Other People's Children, by Lisa Delpit

Another good one:

The Freedom Writers Diary (the book, not the movie), with Erin Gruwell
"First days of school" by wong helped me a lot when I started the new school year. I didn't finish the year and waiting to hear on two jobs. School starts next week so I should know from them by then.

I worked with second grade in an afterschool program. Be prepared for them to test you. If you fail they will run the class. Just tell you self if you have a student that is testing you "they are 8 you are 20(or whatever)" helps you keep in control. You also have to deal with "I don't want to be her friend" then five minutes later they are friends. and other petty things.
Rookie Teaching for Dummies by W. Michael Kelley - actual useful information and hilarious at the same time.
Fred Jones' book Tools for Teaching is excellent! I used a few of the ideas from it last year, and after going to to a seminar this summer I am excited to implement more!

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