Are there any safe sites from where I could download essays spoken in American English for my studies?

I know that this may not exactly answer your question, but I wanted to give you another option.

Go to and download iTunes. You do not need an iPod or iPhone to use this program. It's actually a program like Windows Media Player but also has the ability to sync information to those devices. Once you have this FREE program installed on your computer, go the the iTunes store and checkout all the podcasts. They are FREE. I have found everything from children's stories for young children, spoken langauge lessons for older children, and podcasts on just about any topic for adults. There are even some video podcasts.

Like I said, just another option.
Try the History Channel website.

And you can use a streaming audio capture program if you want to have it downloaded to your computer.

Worked for me when I need that sort of thing for a project.
This site has about 100 mp3s of famous American speeches:

To download one, right click on "mp3" and choose "save link as."

Hope it helps!

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