Question:im doing some ict coursework and i am stuck on why ID numbers are useful in databases
anyone know?

Having an ID number, uniquely identifies a certain record. For example a database for storing information on customers would use ID numbers so that they can easily identify one customer from another. Having two people with the same surname means that the two customers could easily be identified by their ID number if there were any problems or if only one of the customers needed to be contacted.

It makes the browsing of information much easier. For example if you were to search for information using a different field such as surname, then there may be 20 records that match the criteria. However entering the ID number 6, for example will only return one record.

It is also useful because it takes up less storage space when creating a relational database (linking two or more tables together). This is because the separate tables can be linked using the ID number (Which is only normally a 1 or 2 digit number) rather than a longer number or word.

Hope this helps, Good luck
A rail/bus timetable without numbers?
Hi, I design bibliographic databases for a living, but I'm not sure if I understand your question completely, but I'll take a shot. I'm assuming that you're referring to document identification numbers (I use the word "document" loosely to refer to any unique record contained in the database), in which case they are important in the identification and retrieval process. Each record is assigned a unique identifier so it remains a separate entity and can be distinguished from other records and therefore the user can locate records more easily. If I have completely missed the point of you question, I apologize :-) Good luck!
Databases need a unique ID for each record.
Searching would not always be accurate or just freeze if there two or more records alike.
Ooh I done this last term
Id Numbers are important because they are the primary key feild as they are the only thing that is unique about the information
like say you had people on the database and they had id numbers they would be the only way you could seperate two people with the same name!
If you have an ID field, it avoid creating duplicates. It makes indexing faster and can be the linking field connecting tables.

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