Advice on living and working in Brazil (probably in Joao Pessoa and probably teaching english)?

Question:I'm looking to escape the next english winter and stay with a friend in brazil so any tips about living or working in brazil would be greatly received. Paying my bills is obviously my number 1 priority and teaching english looks to be the easiet type of job to go for depite the fact i'm not a qualified teacher. The question is should i bother paying out £900 smackers for a TEFL or CELTA teaching qualification as i might only be there for four to six months (i might stay longer if things go well) from what i can tell just being a native speaker might be enough to secure some kind of teaching work but nothings guarenteed . Or maybe just look for bar-work or deliver pizza's etc hehe anyway i think u get the idea before this gets too long :)

I dont think a cert is important there, just turn up

The certs carry a lot of weight in eastern europe but in asia they dont care about them and prefer a degree (in anything) holder instead.

Just take out an advert in Brazil and work with one or two people. Giving them closer attention will mean they will pay more especially business people.

For Brazil I wouldnt throw away 1k for a cert. If you want practice there is plenty of centres across the UK for teaching immigrants you will find them on the TEFL websites


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