Do you have to have a teacher certificate to tutor in english as second language?

Teaching in the USA, yes, teaching abroad, not necessarily. Some language institutes, especially in Korea, will start you out at about US$1,600 a month, plus give you a shared apartment with one or two other English teachers. This can actually be fun, but it can also be a headache. Be sure it is what you want if you decide to travel abroad to teach. Your best bet is to get a degree, then teach where you want for a decent salary.
yes you do in California you do
You don't in a lot of asian countries. They'll usually ask for some expereince of teaching though, or some places will train you, but I doubt the UK / USA would let you do that...
It depends on the state. I doubt it, as tutors do not have to be certified.
I think that most states do not require this from a tutor. If you wanted to teach ESL in public schools, some states would require you to have a teaching license. However, tutoring is usually a less formal arrangement. I have tutored ESL in FL and MN, and I neither have nor want a teaching license.
if you have a local community college contact them see if they have any class for becoming a instructor not a teacher. less class needed.
I took all my A+ & N+ training from a instructor. Also check at any Adult Education school you may have in your area. these are great source's training.
All my computer traning came from one the area because fee's cheaper and instructor better, classes smaller more one on one help. the one in my area is the second largest in the state of CA
Yes, you have to.
To be concise, it depends on which state you are in. Some states do require it by law. However, since you are teaching ESL, your students/clients would be non-native speakers of English. Thus you have two choices; Either - go to your intended market i.e. move to an Asian country for example. Or, let the market come to you i.e. teach online. Think ouside the box and consider online tutoring. Find out more from other tutors with relevant experience here
No ,not to tutor.

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