Can you suggest a good English teacher in the Daegu, Korea area?

I know at least two instructors in the Daegu area that will be willing to meet you in person for lessons, talk over Yahoo! Messenger lines using webcam, or hold English conversations with you by telephone, your choice. If you want to look a bit further north, not too far, I could possibly give you lessons, but my schedule is tight and I am not able to travel a this time. Now the issue is, my friends will likely not want to have their credentials aired out here in public, so you will need to ask another question and give me more details on how to contact you. I only say this because to contact them, you would need a telephone number or email, and neither can I give without their permission.
I don't know about Daegu, but if you decide to move to Pyong T'aek, I can be your personal out a fee, and we can discuss it over dinner. Smile.

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