Are there any websites that check plagiarism for free?


both of these are used by teachers in North Carolina where I live.

all my teachers use it.
Do you people even know what "plagiarism" is"
to steal the words, ideas, etc. of another and use them as ones own. Literary theft.

Why would you want a website to steel other people's work...
This site has several
here are some search results
I always just type in suspicious sentences onto Google. Most of my students aren't smart enough to pay someone else to do their work, so they'll just cut and paste. It's easy, it's free, and I've caught a couple of students doing this this way.
I agree with Amanda M that the best check is simply using google (or, *sigh* Yahoo) by typing in a sentence or two.

Rightly or wrongly, most students are so tech savvy that they gravitate towards online research (which I think is fine, considering that peer-reviewed studies have found Wikipeida to be on-par with paper sources). But if they have plagarized that online research, good old search engines will tell ya!

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