Can we apply the teaching method of critical and creative thinking in the field of language teaching .?

Question:How can we do that ? Can we also apply explorative or cooperative teaching methods ?

Language is communication. It takes creative thinking to ensure the target audience understands the message the sender is trying to convey. Understanding what your audience understands can greatly increase how much a briefer/teacher can challenge the critical thinking process.

Explorative and cooperative teaching methods can also be applied to create a learning atmosphere and create thought with students. Having students explore, research, and cooperate with other students, working as teams, can influence and greatly enhance language processes.
Language is used in reading, writing, and speaking. By reading and browsing through several books and carefully observing several illustrations related to any subject, the student can engage in critical thinking and problem solving by working cooperatively in small and large groups. Students may answer questions related to what seems to be important, what inventions appear, what they think is the way of life for people living in a particular location or time period for examples. Then students write a summary of their findings and report to the whole group. They may read aloud to a partner who may make suggestions for improving. Also, students may write creatively to answer prompts to create poetry or an imaginary story. Language lends itself very well to these teaching methods.

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