Do you know of any review materials for "Harriet the Spy?"?

Question:My school chose "Harriet the Spy" by Louise Fitzhugh as a summer reading book. I have been tasked with reviewing the book with my students and then giving a very brief quiz. all within the first full week of school. But, I can't seem to find anything good. Any ideas??

i don't know the book... but i saw the movie and in the movie she likes to be this detective that wrights everything in the private journal so you could start with a thing like look at this picture for 30 sec. then turn the page around and list all the suspicious things you saw'' don't gie thim difficult questions other wise there going to freak but make them list ALL the objects that Harriet used and there purposes and at the end tell them whats the moral. ask them even trick questions!
The many characters in the story are summarized in Wikipedia. You could print their names (and illustrations) on small posters around the room. Then play the guessing game "I spy with my little eye a character who ." just for fun and review. And/or you could review the plot by speaking a sentence of how the story begins. Stop and allow a student to continue the story by adding one sentence and so on until each student tells the next event in sequence. (You may have to point out that they have left something out of what happened next.)

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