Any good "getting to know you" games to play with 1st graders?

Question:I'm starting my fourth year teaching 1st grade tomorrow, and this year, I have 11 out of 20 students who didn't go to our school in kindergarten, so I am looking for some sort of a game (not just sharing information) that is fun and simple and will help the little ones get to know each other more quickly. Thanks! :)

Here is a game I play at the beginning of each year with my first graders. They love it and request to play it at other times during the year too. It's also great when a new students enters the class.

Have the group stand in a circle.
Pick a person to begin.
The first person says their name and then does a "move"
(The "move" can be spin around, do a kick, wave their arms, do a jumping jack, sit down and stand back up -- pretty much any active "in place" thing)
Then the rest of the group says that persons name and does their "move"

Then person #2 goes (next in the circle)
The group repeats #2's name and move and then #1's name and move. Continue around the circle doing this -- each time moving back through all the moves and names.

So by the time you make it all around the circle you are doing about 20 moves in a row as you call out the name that went with it.

It really helps to attach a movement to the names and gets the kids moving! Hope this helps!
Could you put a name or picture of another student on their backs and then have the student ask questions about the name to guess who it is.

Or have each child draw a picture of their favorite thing and see if one at a time they can take a picture and match it to another person. After they are done they can each explain their picture.

Lastly, you could have them make a small book about themselves
what I like
my family
my best friend
my fav subject
Then they can read their books to the class
well maybe you can have a fun contest where all the kids sit on a rug in a circle and then the first person will tell their name and a fact about themself and the next person has to remember what all of the other people before him or her said and they have to add something about themself to the list. so for example:
brain says My name is Brain and I like soccer.
ashley says Brain likes soccer. My name is Ashley and I like flowers.
mathew says Brain likes soccer. Ashley likes flowers. My name is Mathew and I like blue cars.
and also give candy and stuff

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