Class schedule advice. PLEASE!!?

Question:Ok... so I just got my class schedule today and I want to switch one of my classes with "health occupation" mainly because I'm planning to go into the medical field. However. It's a 2 hour block and I don't know which classes to switch it with because I like the classes I've chosen. But I did limit it down.

here is my schedule given:
Preclac triginometry- 1 hour
medical career- 1/2 hour
humanities 1 honors-1/2 hour
humanities 2 honors- 1/2 hour
physics- 1 hour
AP world history- 1 hour
spanish 3- 1 hour
human relations 1- 1/2 hour

The MATH, HUMAN RELATIONS 1, PHYSICS and at least a 1/2 credit of english (humanities 1 & 2) are a MUST!! I can't get rid of those. so based on the elimination, i don't know what to get rid off. I want to keep spanish because I LOVE spanish and I want to keep both HUMANITIES 1 & 2 becasue I heard they were A LOT OF FUN and SHOULD NOT be missed.


Sounds like you already made your decisions, but if it were me and I wanted to go into a medical field, I would not get rid of the medical career class. Provided you have completed all other humanity requirements, AP World History could go, but that is about it since you love Spanish.
ur idea is good
always go w/ ur gut
someday u'll find out u made a gr8t choice!

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