As a junior at college, how much should I charge for tutoring?

Question:I want to get some extra money and I'm very good at math basic levels (college algebra and trigonometry). I'm an architecture student and was also looking at tutoring AutoCAD. How much do you think I can charge hourly?? I have no idea how much I should charge.. Help!

omg...twiggy's answer was bizarre-oh.

I do tutoring quite often and charge an average of $20 per hour. Don't get trapped into doing homework for rich kids though. Make sure they understand that you are there to teach them how to do things themselves so that they will be able to succeed on other assignments and tests.

Best of luck to you!
My daughter charges between $15 and $25 an hour, depending on the situation (what the student can afford, etc.).
You should not be offering private tuition unless you have the proper professional qualifications.If you were ill, would you like to be diagnosed by someone whose only qualification was that they were good at biology ? Teaching is a very serious business, and should only be attempted by qualified teachers. If you are foolish enough to try it, then make sure that you have professional indemnity insurance cover, and an up to date CRB.
Yea twiggy is retarded. Tutoring is not the same as certified teaching. So yes you can tutor while you are still in school. You probably won't be able to charge as much as a person who already has a degree. Or hell you may be able to, but I'd say the 20 - 25 dollar range per hour.

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