♥are you smarter than a 9th grader?♥?

Question:ok im in 9th grade and my math teacher taught us this can you figure it out?i already know it once someone gets it right i will reveal the answers!
heres the questions!
1)A^18 (x) A^20
2)b20 divided by b5


Is it your notation on b thats the problem?
1. A^38
2. 4
3. 0


Edit: Ooops.. I knew that anything to the zero is one. My bad.
1) A^38
2) b4
3) 1
I don't understand numbers 1 and 3 but if i'm thinking correctly the answer to number 2 equals 8 if b equals 1
1. A^38
2. 4
3. 1
1.) A^38
2.) 4
3.) 1
Are you trying to get people to do your homework for you by appealing to their competitive sides and their egos? Looks like it worked!!

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