Do you believe that there is such a thing as a "bad child"?

Question:This is a very controversial subject and I would like to have your oppinions.

Yes, I do.

I think it is rare and it is always a mistake to confuse bad behavior caused by upbringing, experiences, issues (such as ADHD), etc. with "being bad."

Usually once you figure out the core problem you can correct the behavior (although often nothing you can do about the core problem - especially if it is environmental in nature).

I think the longer the child's root problem is not addressed, the more ingrained the bad behavior becomes, and the less you are able to alter it until it becomes a point where the child is beyond what most people can reach and address. The behavior and the child are less able to be separated. Does this make a "bad child"?

And, in truth, there have been children - even young children - that have come across my path where there is no definable explanation, no reason for their behavior. All reasonable attempts to modify it have been moot. I don't think it is their choice - I think that there is something almost sociopathically wrong that can not be diagnosed. But non-the-less, there seems to be little that you can do to shape the behavior.
I think that children sometimes naturally inherit certain traits that come through in their personalities...however, I think a lot of what makes a child a good or bad child is how they are raised...
no there is no such thing as a bad child
In my opinion I believe there no such thing as a "bad child" because you see something you emulate it as child. If the environment was not as great as someone from a well brought up family they are going to do things others see as impolite just to survive.
I think the environment has more to do with it that just being a bad child.
Nope. There are dynamic traits that can be channled either way. A bad child is just a very intelligent one whose energies where funneled in the wrong direction, IMHO. A great book to check out on this, atleast on the subject of boys, is Raising Cain by Dan Kindlon and Micheal Thompson. I highly suggest it; Kind of sheds light on your topic.
I have never met a "bad child" but have seen a lot of bad behavior. I believe when a child misbehaves it's a result of poor parenting or negative things going on in the home. Children learn by example.
I have always been taught that there is no such thing as a bad child just bad behavior. I am an educator and I have come across many, many difficult children. However, there is one child that I can think of that I considered to be bad.

He came from a pretty decent home and had two parents that loved him very much. Yet, he was a very troubled child and would act out often. His parents tried everything to help him and were very concerned because his behavior was getting out of control. Eventually, they took him out of school and placed him in a private school or something. The reason that I say he was bad is because I always felt that there was something that was not quite right about him. He was very dark and cold. I honestly feel that in 15 or 20 years I'll see him on the news as the next Dahmer or something.
Have you heard of Dr. Ross Greene? He's written a couple books and I agree with him...kid's do well if they can. It depends on many things I believe. Right environment, strong support system, paying attention to particular areas of child's failure and inviting child to actively participate in his own plan of learning the skills he's lacking. Can they do well, but they won't? or Are they not doing well, because they can't? What skills do they have yet to learn?
Look at it this way-- every serial killer, every sociopath, every person who deservedly ended up in prison for a lifetime of evil behavior, every one of those people was once a child in some teacher's classroom. Did they suddenly turn bad when they were handed their high school diploma?

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