Are Principal has just taken away are backpacks and we as students want to protest this how should we?

Question:We have already went and talkled to her and we have went to the board and if u want to read the story here is the link... dont know what else we can do?

Ignore the people up here that having issue themselves.

I think you have two suggestions that should be discussed with the principal: the mesh or clear bookbags and storing bookbags in lockers prior to first period.

As a former teacher, I would say that the mesh or clear bookbags are you best bet. A lot of trouble happens between arrival and first period.

Gain parent support, too.
With your spelling, you definitely need to stay in school! And your link doesn't work.
If you want to be taken seriously by your principal, learn the difference between 'our' and 'are'.

How about compromising and asking for backpacks that are mesh or transparent.

My mom was a schoolteacher before and after kids were allowed to bring backpacks into class. She said right from the start that they were a bad idea. She said that kids will start bringing all sorts of things that don't belong to school (like drugs, weapons, porn etc).

Looks like history has proven her right.i.e. Colombine et al.
Maybe you should quit worrying about your backpacks and learn how to spell.
Besides,what are you trying to hide in your backpack?Obviously,some kids are using them for other purposes than school books or they wouldn't be so worried about them.
Your principal has valid concerns and is doing her job. Kudos to her! As long as you have a locker to store your bag in during the day, I don't see a problem here. Take the books/supplies you need for 2-3 classes and go to your locker during breaks to switch out.
IF you feel this issue is important enough to fight, then by all means do so! This is still (supposedly) America, a country where you have a right to question all things... Take it rationally... What are her concerns and how do you intend to address them? Find a solution that addresses BOTH sides of the problem... without expecting her to cave on the problem. Schools are there to TEACH, not to babysit... She shouldn't have HAD to tell you to "clean your room".
You went to your principal and board, but I'm not sure how this went. Do you feel they gave you enough information to see their side? Do you feel that backpacks can be problematic in schools? Would clear backpacks answer these problems? Is their a way you can investigate a middle ground, meeting the needs of the school and students? Without backpacks, what will the school allow students to use to carry necessary and often mandatory, learning tools? Now may be a good time to survey what students really want and need, and then you might consider writing a persuasive letter to the school and perhaps the parents and community as well. All members of a school community need to feel safe, and this includes feeling heard and respected.
Honestly, your principal has taken them away because students weren't being responsible with them. I didn't carry one in high school, but I did in college (as did many other students) and we were respectful enough to not leave them lying around. They get stashed under the desk, or they aren't brought to class. If they were lying around to the point that they became a fire hazard...that's pretty out of line.

Maybe you could rally the students and try a compromise - let us have them back on a trial basis, let us prove our responsibility. This would have the condition that if you guys get out of hand and start leaving them lying around again, the privilege is taken away.

This will show her that you're not just whining, and you're willing to take responsibility for your belongings and your privileges (it's a privilege, not a right). It will be much more likely to sway her than "we want our backpacks back!"

Hope that helps :-) and good luck!
Seems pretty extreme, but it looks like even the school board agreed with your principal. Not much you can do at this point.

Have student council suggest some alternatives or solutions.
First of all, you need to learn the proper use of "are" and "our" if you want to be taken seriously...

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