Bad professor?

Question:I went to "rate my professor".com. I love it there. Their assumptions seem to be fairly accurate on atleast the teachers I have taken so far. However, I start school tomorrow for my new semester, and my worst subject (math) teacher is supposedly really bad. I have already checked to see if there is another class i can take but they are currently all full. If it turns out to be right, and I have a bad teacher who doesn't like to give students help/makes them feel bad, would it be rude to go to another teacher for help if i needed it sometime during the semester?

Thank you for your help :)

It wouldn't be rude at all. You need to do whatever will help you pass the course. Most professors will actually tell you to seek help from other professors in the department if you feel you could learn better from them. So, if you need help, absolutely go get it, even if it is from another teacher.

Oh, consider speaking to your advisor too. There may be a way for him/her to transfer you out of the math class you are in now, and into one of the ones that is currently full. It would be a "forced" entry, but it may help you.

Hope this helps. :-)
If this professor won't help you,you need to talk to
your advisor about him/her. Maybe they can help you in the right direction.
If I were u i would try to work with this "bad" proffesor... but if he really does't help u at all... tell your parents and if u have to ask another teacher for help.
No, it wouldn't be rude. If your professor isn't giving you the attention you need on your class work and homework, then you should go ask another professor that has the time and is willing to help. Also, keep in mind that the people who wrote those bad reviews might really just be lazy people who failed the class, and were upset at the professor, rather than at themselves. I've seen that many times before, so give your professor a chance first. Don't go in there with pre-judgement and let others influence your thoughts! He might turn out to be your mentor, really.
I also enjoy that site. Unfortunately there are more bad professors than there are good in my opinion. Colleges are indoctrination centers with little room for diverse thought within the classrooms. Many professors are ego maniacs as well.
As a teacher I would much rather my students find alternative resources than to be unsuccessful. There is nothing rude about going to another teacher for help when you need it, if your teacher did his/her job properly in the first place you wouldn't need to. It is quite a smart decision to set out a plan for alternative resources should your teacher turn out to be a flop.
No, you'll be fine. Just try and keep up with the class and do well. You shouldn't have a problem if you're a good student.

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