Anyone christian help!?

Question:this is my first year in a public school and i am a very strong christian. but how can i disprove my teachers belief of evolution?

I am a Christian also but the curriculum demands that teachers teach evolution and not creation. Some of the teachers probably are believers in Creation but aren't allowed to teach it. It isn't fair to me. I think both should be taught but I don't make up what curriculum is taught. Maybe someday soon you can sit and talk to a believer and get some comfort in that.
So politicians say that Church and State should be kept separated but they still spend the money that always says "In God We Trust"!
Hang in there and know that there are many Christians out there and I am one and proud of it as you should be. You don't need their approval. The only approval and affirmation you need is from our Lord. He is sufficient!
You can't do anything about it. So just read about it, pass the class and if you still believe it's not real then that's that. You can't do anything to change the teachers mind or curriculum. You believe what you believe and you don't have to change your mind, God will know you believed Him and that's all that matters.
Public school is indeed a totally different world. I honestly wouldn't try to butt heads with this teacher. I would pray for this teacher, and then after you've finished this person's class, you can try and disprove their beliefs.

It's unwise to attack a person's belief system while trying to get passing grades in their classes.
How can life spring from nothing? How can a big bang creat something alive from something inanimate?
How do you know what your teachers believe? I'm sure many believe as you do. Many states have laws that prevent the teaching of creationism. In order for a teacher to keep their job they must teach the approved curriculum, and in a lot of places that is evolution.

If this subject comes up, I suggest you politely inform the teacher that you do not believe in the theory of evolution in a private conversation. But keep in mind that just because you do not believe in what is being taught does not mean it will keep you from having to learn it.

If you have serious issues with the fact that evolution is being taught in your public school, I would recommend going to a private high school which will offer classes more in tune with your belief system.
jus share your views with the class, let the Holy Spirit do the rest.
You cannot. it is a science standard in every state. You need to know the information.

But really, ask your church about it. Science doesnt have to conflict with faith. There is grandeur in science, evolution simply illuminates one facet of it. Many, many christians have no problem with evolution (some young earthers do...)
You can't.

Sit there, shut up and listen. You might learn something.

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