Any teachers have ideas for drinking coffee or tea in the classroom?

Question:I think a cup or mug could get knocked over too easily, and I don't want to use a thermos.

I'm not sure how you'd think a cup or mug would get knocked over easily --- especially if you have it on YOUR desk. That being said - why not try a travel mug with a cover on it? Places such as CVS sell them for under $8.00 or so! :) Hope this helps
Use a travel mug. They make ones that aren't huge, and they don't spill easily.
I use a sport sipper thing filled with tea everyday, it works great because even if it gets knocked over nothing spills.
Buy a couple of thermal cups and use a straw or sip through the small holes in the lid. I always have water on my desk and it rarely spills in this type of container.
Knocked over.what kind of classroom do you have?
Use a Travel Mug the come in many styles and colors. Thy don't spill and they keep your dring warm longer then a mug would.
I have never had my cup of coffee knocked over. But I have left it on many a student's desk...
I was amazed when I found a product called StixToGo. It snaps into the oval hole that you drink from. My dog dumped my Starbucks on our white carpet and I didn't spill a drop. If it works at home, the classroom is a no brainer :)
Teachers drinking coffee and tea in the classroom? What next?
travel mug with a straw
whatever you use-make sure it has a top on it

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