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Question:i teach i bible study with one other person our kids in it are from 5 all the way to 13.. anyway do y'all have any suggestions to make it fun for them but be learnin at the same time.. do you know any web sites we can print off like test or crafts that would be good or just any good ideas.. they love our class we are just tryin to think of new things to do!!

I always loved being in plays and skits performed before the church congregation. Make sure to let everyone get a chance to play a lead role. Also, I loved working with others to create colorful bulletin boards denoting certain Biblical events...such as the creation story or Jesus embracing children. Of course, you know you have to include a scripture with that. Also, scripture memorization contests with little prizes (perhaps name mentioned in the church bulletin?).
Oh you could take a bible verse or several and have the kids write them on long pieces of paper. Then below the verse have them draw a picture of what it means or how it looks to them. Then get some sticks and role them up. It will make like a scroll. You can have them bring in a shoe box or you could get some so that each kid has one. Then have them cover it in construction paper and make it look like what they think the Arch of the Covenant looked like. You can get pieces of wood or like wooded rods and use put it threw the box or attach it to the box on both sides to be the handle. Then you could have them write out the 10 commandments on paper cut to look like stone tablets. and put them in their Arch when they are done. I hope this gave you some ideas. :)
You are creation, you don't need a bible cause the answer is just you, vibration of light, wonder of God. Give love to all people while walking the road, be brave and proud. If you stand that test, while ''they" play there game. And we silly people are the ones with no name.

Your body is like a temple to your soul, Love that temple and never give up, then with wisdom and love straight to your goal

With love, Ninti
stage a play from one of the passes in the bible and have the kids be the charactors. and when you get the play acted out the way you want it .invite some freinds over to watch it. this will give the kids something to look foreward to and they will learn the bible.a christmas play is usually the best but there other stories from the bible that can be played can also put questions on a sheet of paper pertaining to the bible and have the kids look the answers up from the bible if the y know how to read.a good craft would be to make an ark and add the animals 2 by 2 in it ..i think you can find animals at any department store.this would teach them the story of noah.there are all kinds of things like this you could do to teach the kids the bible.

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