As a teacher what do u let ur students do and what u don't?why?any reason?

I generally appeal to students' sense of fairplay and common sense. They do not want to waste their time. They want to learn. They also want to be treated well. We usually start out with a little talk about everyone's expectations.

I strongly believe that everyone should respect others, and I make that known during our discussion.

I should mention that I teach children older than kindergarten age, so of course they already know not to ever touch another person at school for any reason whatsoever. They already know not to treat people unkindly.

Generally students decide that showing that respect entails coming to the classroom prepared for the day's work (homework and advance reading done so that the class is not boring), prepared to add value to the discussion, and prepared to stay the whole period (ie, coming on time, sharpening pencils before the period starts, throwing away garbage at the end of the period, not leaving for drinks, the bathroom except in an emergency, or lockers. It's not respectful to waste others' time.) People listen to what others have to say, and allow them to talk and answer.
During class hour, they should listen us (teacher), take notes etc., Let them ask question during every session to clear doubts.
I will not let them to murmaring, sleeping

Because the class hour lecture will help them while preparing exam
1) I don't let them get out of their seats without permission. This is because it is extremely disruptive and each kid who comes up has the same question which I could answer if they raised their hand.

2) I allow them to ask repetitive questions. Though I complain about it in the above statement, I have a policy "There is no such thing as a bad question." It is perfectly okay to ask me what my favorite band is or how my weekend went so long as it is before or after class. Also, if the student doesn't understand the question and ten other people asked it, I'll still answer it, but hold the student to a stricter responsibility next time for not paying attention.

Otherwise, I'm pretty open in my classroom. So long as they are respectful, I pretty much let them do as they want.

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