As a student,describe the role that i can play to make the "obesity awareness campaign" a success?

Lead by example. Prove to the people that you are trying to impress with the knowledge that a healthy lifestyle is better for a longer, more beautiful and young-looking life. Show them that eating more fresh vegetables, fresh organic fruits and juices and drinking 6 to 8 bottles of pure water every day with a two mile walk will keep them looking younger, healthier and more mentally alert than almost everyone they come into contact with. Show them that junk foods containing extra salts teach their bodies to retain harmful oils and water. Teach them that every major medical journal in the world has proven that sodas are the number one cause of osteoporosis in women and men. Then you will surely be on the road to becoming the guru of health for everyone around you. Good luck!
take a couple of obese people and show ppl how hard their life is.which they obviously wudnt desire

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