Can I really get a job as a teacher?

Question:I have two misdemeanors and a horrible driving record, but I'm already a junior in college and its kinda a pain in the butt to change majors.

What would keep you from getting a job in education would be a felony. Each school system that you apply to will run a background check on you . I know of some people that had problems but straightened up their life and now teach and are very good teachers.
Depends on what the misdemeanors are for.
I depends on what the misdemeanors are and if the individual schools is willing to over look it
They will only look at felonies, but you do not sound like you want to be a teacher. Change majors, what do you want to do?
You should talk to your college advisor. Changing majors would suck, but it might be worse to finish the last two years of your degree and not be able to go anywhere with it.
Talk to the counselor at your college, but most likely you will be able to get a job, depending on what the misdemeanors were. The sorts of things that would be a problem would be crimes with violence, crimes against children, etc.
The driving record is not a problem, but the misdeanors could be. School districts require full disclosure of any arrests or legal action against you. Complete background checks are completed. My school district even allows parents to view any judgements/misconduct/discipli... action against you online. I would not talk to the school counselor, because they have a tendency to not be up to date with the most current trends in the professional world. I would call human resources at several large school districts (anonymously!) and ask if the situations you have been in would be barriers to being a teacher in the district. I would choose districts in the area you would like to live and work because some areas may be more restrictive than others. I do work as a teacher and there is always a big lecture about disclosing everything! But, without knowing what your misdemeanors were for, it is hard to gauge if they are barriers or not, but they could be.
getting in trouble when you are young can be explained. If the reasons were serious (dui etc) you might have a harder time passing your background check and will have to try harder to land a job.

The biggest problem is your "its kinda a pain in the butt to change majors" comment. I dont want my brain surgeon to be there because he thought it was a bit difficult to switch his emphasis. You are getting into a field where you will have a pain in the butt every day! and im not talking about students.

paperwork, grading, administrative input, class interuptions, low pay for some, extra duties for all, lack of supplies and support, High stress load - all these are pains in the butt. get ready for it!
If it is a recent DUI or drug related charges, it would be a long shot at best. Sorry.

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