If you be a guru, how would you use the internet to produce a lesson on the Civil War more intresting?

Answers:    Put together a webquest for the Civil War.

Create an Internet scavenger hunt with a bunch of question that students have to find the answers to online. Provide a prize or prizes.
I don't guess the internet can make any class more interesting. To me it's only just a tool for teachers to use that may speed up the grade process. The best I think you can do next to the computer is a Power Point presentation. Personally a field trip would be best or you could enjoy group projects in which respectively group would discuss different battles. You could use poster boards and net a timeline and give fun facts. Of hold the kids find an interesting way of expressing the civil time of war such as through a song. A lot of kids today that are into hip-hop and rap find it best to put things into a song. Some like to paint pictures or draw cartoon. You can play soccer with one troop being the North and another mortal the South and have affray matches. You own to find something creative and not just another computer method.

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