Are you (teachers) feeling...?

Question:this same feeling i have right now: that the summer would not end so we wouldn't have to go back to put up the crazy kids bad behaviour again?

last june, i ended my first year as a teacher on a bad note. i was exhausted and tired of dealing with discipline issues rather than teaching the kids to behave like adults. (i teach at a surburban high school.) i had my doubts about returning to my 2nd year, but when I did, the same kids who had terrorized me were the first to give me a hug and tell me that they missed me. it was shocking. this year, my kids have been absolutely wonderful, and i am so happy that i stuck with it.
Maybe you shouldn't have been a teacher, but good luck this school year.
if you are feeling this way, then you shouldn't be a teacehr. Find a new job.
Teachers are suppose to care about their students and inspire the kid's life. It's teachers like you that give the US educational system a bad name.
Sorry that you fell that way, I don't feel that way at all. I love teaching.
I have been teaching for 30 years. I always regret the ending of summer. However I start the new year with enthusiasm and hope that this year will be better than the last. Although they didn't say, I would guess that the two previous answerers are NOT teachers.
Maybe you are in the wrong profession. I'm always excited to have a fresh new class.
My reaction is mixed. I teach in a bad area, and a lot of our students are badly behaved. But I am always excited to begin the new year - in part because of the kids, and in part for me.

I am always looking to try new things. This year, there are 3 teachers in my subject / grade, and we are doing lesson planning together. Before it was just me. So I am having fun.
It may well be past the time for a career change.
Remember it is not what happens, but how you react to it.
I am sorry that you have all ready made up your mind that it is going to be a negative year; sorry for the students that is.
I am so looking forward to this coming year!

You need to change what you are doing in the classroom. 90 percent of crazy behavior is due to the teachers policies and procedures.

I have been adjusting my policies in class for the last 15 years, you can always get better!
Not at all. I'm anxious to get back to being around kids and helping them grow. I don't put up with bad behavior.

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