Diversity skills?

Having diverse skills is good to a point, but can also be detrimental to you as well. Let me explain a little bit. If you apply for a job and they what are your skills put down only the skills that you would need to do the job, logically you would think the more the better but your potential new employer may say to himself I don't want to hire this person because she isn't going to stay here very long and she will be seeking a job some where else more appropriate to her skill level. His second thought is I can't pay her what she should be getting an hour. Diversity is great but I would keep most to myself
I think you are asking what one needs to be able to skillfully deal with students from diverse backgrounds (cultural, economic, racial, gender, political etc.)

Start by understanding the basic "common ground" skills. These are things that all people understand without regard to race, color, or creed.

1. Treat people with dignity and respect

2. Don't belittle sombody's value system. Try to build on it.

3. Avail yourself to literature and individuals that can help you understand things about other cultures.

This will be a good start for you.

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