Becoming a teacher rewarding?

Question:I cant decide to go into the military or teach. I was a substitute for a year. I was able to connect to the students. Some teachers at the schools really complimented my ability to connect with others to instruct. Its low pay though and its real expensive were I live. Iam also trying to get into college. I was thinking about going into the military because of my leadership as an Eagle scout. Is it really something to know how to teach at a young age? Iam 20 and just really scared to make a decision in my life.

Teaching is very rewarding, but, as you say, college is expensive. Why not go into the military, let them pay for your education, hone your leadership skills, and then go into teaching?

Don't be scared about making a decision--you can change your mind later!
i would teach before going in the military. you can always move to a less expensive area. my problems with teaching were never the students -- kids are great. all too often it was the other teachers and administration being a pain. there are lots of burned out miserable people in education and you have to learn to work around them -- that is the biggest challenge. a friend of mine has been teaching forever and she has a simple solution and cojones enough to carry it out. when all the kids are in the doors get locked. if you are actually in a school where teaching is expected you lucked out. the military is really not what they say it is. nobody will hire you with a military education. the pay is so bad you can get government assistance for food.

nobody says a 20 year old has to make a decision. why don't you go be reckless somewhere for a while until you decide what you want to do.
firstly be more strong to make your decisions by yourself. i think you should teach (although i love army) 'cauze now a days armies don't fight for the dignity of their country but just for politicians and by teaching you can educate one whole generation and as far as your age is concerned you are not so young.i just can't compell you but seriosly think about it.its your life and you are free to live it in your own style
I think it's better to finish your college first. That way, teaching won't be serve as a wall in your studies. Then after finishing, be a teacher. Teaching students is very fun. I would prefer teaching high school students and kids of very young age such as 3, 4,or 5. High school students are more fun , I think, because they can already think. Plus the fact they're love for a teacher is very compassionate.
Only, I prefer High school students in my country. I don't know in other countries.
Just a thought.... could you combine the two, and

teach in the military ? ? ? Perhaps the military would even

pay your college fees. Worth looking into do you think ?
In most cases, you can't teach unless you are a college graduate anyway. Go to college. Even if you could teach without a college degree, you'd have a better chance of finding a teaching job with one.

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