Question:I have asked two questions previously [check them out on my profile]
And i cant believe some of the responses.
My question was plain and simple, and all i said was that i was friends with my teacher. in fact i am friends with alot of my teachers, and my mum actually works at my school also.
For anyone who looked at the questions and answers to my teacher question..YES my teachers wife does know i am friends with him because in primary school she also was one of my teachers.
I am friends with a female teacher also because i play netball for the same club with her, the make teacher plays football in the same team as my brothers and my dad is heavily involved with the football club as well as 3 otehr of my male teachers.
I know people will say 'oh well you asked, we answered.' but i was quite upset to think that people would imediately presume that i and my teacher had something going on.
My question was of curiousity, and having nothing else to do on a sunday but watch the footy.

I am sorry you are disappointed. It is not appropriate for teachers to befriend their students.
I understand you are disappointed. You have every right to be. But I thought this was supposed to be a question? Maybe this question board is not the place to reply back to the previous statements.
you are really damn *****.
I think right now your teacher is having a strong argument with his wife because of YOU.
so, leave them alone and try to make friends with people like your same age not older.
and remember, you are playing with fire and some day you will get hurt.
errms. i feel ur pain but since u seem like all interested in teachers and everyfing can u answer my question ? PLEAAAASSEE . help me find a site for year 9 maths measurement revision. or juust ne old mathematics site. people are so freakin self centred my questions get answerd 2 days l8r so helps? THANkYOU =))
It sounds as though you might be from Great Britain, and I don't know the rules and such there, but here in the States it is not only inappropriate for a teacher to be "friends" with a student, it is also grounds for criminal charges in some cases, and in all cases can be grounds for dismissal from their jobs.
It is something you might wish to look into before pursuing further friendships with more of your teachers. It may end up costing them their jobs.

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