Another one for teachers.?

Question:Okay so the last question i needed more details.
Lets say this.
A teacher doesnt necisarilly has a.'crush'...on the student, but enjoys their company, likes their personality. Maybe if the student was older, they would be the sort of person they would date, but wouldnt think about it because of the law ect. [and yes they keep their thoughts to themselves and only sees the student as a friend]
No i am not writing a book haha, but its always been something that ive wonderd.
I dont think my teacher has a crush on me either, although we are very good mates out of school as well as in school.
Same sort of personality and we like the same things, hes good looking yes, but i have a boyfriend and he is happily married, but ive just been curious and would like to hear any stories ect about likeing 'personalities' [nothing illeagal.]
You hear about students likeing i think its time to hear the teachers side of things!! =P

It don't matter a teacher is not suppose to have any relations with students out side of school. This goes for same sex or not, just friends or not. Also this is the policy for colleges also. Any kind of relations could jeopardize their job and could have lawsuits especially in this day in age.
He is wrong if what you claim is true. Does his wife know you guys are friends outside of school? I don;t think so.
I hate to say that I think many male teachers of high school flirt constantly with their female students, married or not and the high school females love the attention.I am a retired teacher
Your teacher isn't teaching you much. Your writing and grammar are pathetic. You don't need a friend, you need a qualified teacher.
I don't care if the high school teacher is only four years older than the students, there should never be a relationship other than teacher/student. It's inappropriate. Just as a parent should not be a friend, the teacher is not there to be a friend. The teacher is there to teach, mentor, guide, discipline, and assess the students' work. A teacher should always keep an appropriate distance, both figuratively and physically, from the student.
I think you must be considering this and I advise you to change classes or schools because this could be a devastating situation for you and this teacher. Run like crazy - both of you!
I have NEVER had anything close to a "crush" on a student. The idea of even thinking about a student that way is so abhorrent to me that I can't even really go further into it than that.

On a more educated level: Any relationship that starts with a recognized imbalance of power is not destined for longevity unless both parties are exceedingly mature and committed. I doubt that many people would qualify for that status.

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