Certified Substitute Teacher ?

Question:How do you become on in the state of Kansas (Topeka Region)?? Anyone know?? I will graduate with an Associates Degree in December ... what should my next steps be?/

Go to the link below. It is the Kansas Board of Education Website and it should answer your questions. Each state has different requirements. You need to follow the Kansas guidelines.

Good luck to you!

Here in Oregon we have a state Teachers and Standards Practices that runs all of that. you will find one online for that state, I'm not sure if they call it the same thing maybe google ..certification for that state ...and find the state's group that runs the teachers' rules etc
I'm a teacher in Illinois. In this state, you can substitute teach as long as you have a bachelors degree. It doesn't have to be an education degree, just a bacherlors. I would check the Kansas state board of education website and see if it tells you what you need to sub.
Here in Las Vegas, Nevada, the school district requires you to either have a Bachelor's Degree or 63 credits with 6 of those credits achieved in a list of required courses. Your next step would be to inquire within the school district to find out what their requirements are. There may even be a website that you can view with all that information provided, if not give them a call.

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