Any details on Global Crossroad interns?

Question:My daughter is being offered a 4 month or 10 month teaching post in China by this company, in return for a placement fee of 800 US dollars. She'll be paid about 750 US dollars per month whilst there, travel paid, accommodation and food provided. Has anyone any experience of or views on this company, which is registered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

there is a Yahoo group dedicated to teaching in China, the email link is below. this would be a good forum to ask the question and find out about what is really going on at this particular school.

Global Crossroads has a good reputation. depending on your daughter's academic skills, teaching jobs are not too hard to find. a good placement is worth searching for - especially if she is considering the 10 month position. With the longer stint, she could expect her school to reimburse her air travel - with the shorter one, perhaps one way. The Crossroads program will cost her $800 and possibly her air travel.

teaching is China is fun, rewarding, and can be a great experience. I've done it twice. be sure to know how many hours per week or classes per week they expect from her. ask where she'll live and who prepares the food. is there transportation from the school to town (many large private schools offer this), and if she's going to be there during the winter, ask if the housing is heated (most Chinese homes are not). in the summer, she may need air conditioning, too.

In the link below, you have to be a yahoo groups participant - send an email to this address with the word subscribe in the subject line. there is also a list by the same folks called China life - what to do and see in China and how to get there; and china teaching - tips on how to teach in china as well as a forum to talk to other teachers while there. instructions on how to join can be found on the same home page in Yahoo.
have a great time.

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