Any good online sites...for encylopedia of sorts..?

Question:Not wikipedia...too many mistakes and grown up stuff.and not yahooligans...something WITH pictures.

ooh!! I am actually writing lesson plans in another window, got bored and decided to come into answers to look for ideas and saw your question.
I LOVE the website enchantedlearning!! Lots of booklets ready to print, a cool monthly calendar with really interesting facts that make great jumping off points for lessons. Crafts, science activities, history, different language lessons. You can do things for free or for 20 dollars US (they have exchange rates) you can print out tons more. I use them at least 2-4 times a month for activities whether to supplement or base a lesson on. Home page posted listed below.
You want it free AND you want it perfect? Go to a public library. Or use the internet public library.

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