Delete Certain Geometry Topics?

Question:I think that geometric proofs should not be taught in high school. I think that geometric proofs should be taught only to those majoring in math. Math departments should spend more time helping students solve for x in terms of word problems, searching for missing angles in geometric shapes, etc.

Geometric proofs do nothing more than scare students from developing love and interest for the world of numbers.

Your view?

I completely agree with you. Proofs are fine for people who enjoy them, but for everyone else, they're just a waste of two hours a night. The above person is wrong- students have not finished algebra when they take geometry (at least not at my school; we have the first year of algebra, then geometry, then the second year of algebra), and the proofs are just confusing for those who aren't experts at algebra. Teachers try to defend geometry by saying it will be useful for carpeting a house, etc., but there is no excuse for wasting time on proofs, since math teachers are the only ones who use them in life.
the problem is that Geometry is based on these proofs also in high school the students have finished algebra when they take Geometry the proofs connect these concepts and if the teacher teaches them right they are no harder than finding the missing angle.
The real reason for geometry proofs is missed by the vast majority of students and a good many teachers. Geometry proofs are the very model of logic: each step must be presented in a correct order to justify the next step. And yes, there are often more than one "Correct" sequence. The purpose is to teach the student logical thinking. Too many students cannot think beyond tomorrow. Geometry proofs teach how to plan for a future that might even include next month.

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