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Question:i have to make a poster on ault education so i need ur help guys and that too within a few hours. can anybody tell, wat is this adult education and how shud i draw my poster?

Adult Education can consist of so very many things. Perhaps you need to assess your audience. Contact local universities and check out what their continuing ed brochure is offering this term. Or, check out senior center offerings. The library is also a good source, as they often offer short courses, especially on military bases.

Many of your students may want to know more about Computer Literacy; Starting a Business; Financial Management; Budgeting; and depending on how you phrase the titles, you may offer Surviving Divorce Series; if you are in a military area (or even simply an area where many families are split up due to deployment) you may address issues of that can also judge your audience and determine if they want to earn a GED, learn Conversational Spanish (or another language) and/or Consumer Math.

You may have a creative group wanting to learn pottery, or some other art form. All of this would appease an adult interested in learning.

However, your question is so general, that I cannot tell if your adults are special needs or continuing education. Surf the web, and I'm sure you'll get some great ideas! Good luck. (wink)

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