Can a woman read a map? I can't find the college course for map reading...?

Question:I remember listening to a radio show once that talked about the cognitive differences between women and men. Like the spatial map like skills that men seem to score higher on average at. They did some studies that showed that these cognitive disparities could be overcome through teaching these techniques. So this is the question, has anyone found or heard of any classes or books that train these skills? My wife is preparing for an important exam, and I would be interested in any things that can help improve her spatial imagination and novel situations skills.

Use multimedia programs which allow one to see information as maps, charts, or diagrams, for example DK Publishing's Eyewitness World Atlas. Also, perform mental rotation exercises where one predicts what any array of objects would look like if they were rotated on their axis by some number of degrees.
This spatial skills test with immediate feedback looks perfect for your situation:
there's no "map-reading" course. and i doubt that there are many people who would sign up for something like that. i hate maps. i just go in and ask directions, or get on Mapquest and get printed directions.

although there probably should be a "Men and Directions" class somewhere in the world...
I was always encouraged to use maps as a young girl by my father and have continued the tradition with my 2 daughters. They were my navigators on road trips until they could drive on their own. As teenagers they traveled in Europe and South American and now live across the country and I have every confidence that they are as good as any one. I think that it is a learned set of skills and the younger you start the better no matter which gender.
I don't know of any courses on this subject or books. I did go to Wikipedia and found no mention of one sex over another sex. Under Spatial temporal reasoning. From what I read how ones mind perceives these skills through different perceptions determines ones ability.
I am never heard of map reading in a University other than initiating ( this is where the students go the campus to find their way) Let me wish your wife good luck in passing her examination. If you can go with her that would be a help ( just to drive her to her class ) until she is familiar.
I keep hearing about how men are better at reading maps, but I have yet to actually see any real evidence of this. No-one seems to be able to come up with an actual reference of a paper that isn't complete nonsense. Yes, some people are better at spatial reasoning than other, but I really don't think it has anything to do with whether someone is male of female. It is just about how often people practice these things. If there is any difference it is purely down to men being encouraged to read maps and women being discouraged from such things at a young age.
I'm a woman, and have scored way above average on those sorts of tests before.
You get better at reading maps if you practice it.
One last thing, I'm sure your wife is quite capable of deciding what she needs to do for her exam herself.
And, here, I thought you were being funny! LOL

Your wife can learn to do anything she's a mind to.
Do an iNet search for spatial learning.

*Tape those index cards out in the living room: tv = toe bones, remote = finger bones, lamp = brain parts, etc.
I can read a map 4 love nor money. There isn't a course like that would teach u 2 read a map.

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