Anyone successful have any good advice for future students?

Question:I have strict folks who expect a lot from me and they are constantly worried about my future. I'm currently in school pursuing a bachelors in the IT world. Does anyone successful have any good tips about how they went about making the right decisions?

Congratulations in pursuing a bachelor's. My advice for success is do this for you and you only and you open the door for yourself because you are doing what you love which is great. Outside the classroom, get experience in the field such as interning, which is a great way to network with people and keep putting yourself out there in the IT world. Your parents want the best for you, which is great. :O) The secret of success, for me, is not about money, but personal fulfillment and having a career that I do everyday and enjoy.
Depends on what you consider "success". Find someone who is where you want to be in 10 years and interview them. Find out how they got there. What did they do, who did they follow, etc.

Success comes in many forms. Be sure that what you're chasing is what you want to catch.
Work hard and finish your degree. Set goals for yourself. Just don't get lazy.

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