Can anyone help me out with this??

Question:This Wednessday, Sept.5 , is going to be teachers' day in our school. The students are supposed to make the assembly for our teachers. My group(which is only girls' group) is supposed to make a skit(15-20 min.) where the teachers' role is important. Can anyone tell me a few sites where I can find this skit or write it down for me? Thank you very much.

I believe the idea is that YOU and your teammates get creative and do a skit that YOU write together. Why don't you start by brainstorming a list of important things teachers do? Pick the one you all like the most and then brainstorm experiences where you've had a teacher do that thing. For example, teachers help you solve problems. ... what can you do from there?
This may be a bit cliche.but what about a skit in which a student has a problem (with a subject, homework, friend, bully, parents, siblings, depression, etc.) and the teacher notices and helps...I.e. explains a math/science problem in a new, clear way, gives advice on how to save a friendship, tells a story from their own dysfucntional family, gives ideas of how to deal with the bully etc.) There's a lot of ways to think about could even use a situation that makes it unique to your school (like some kind of a rite of passage). My advice is to make it as funny as possible without being cheesy. Good Luck!
Do a good teacher/ bad teacher skit

the good teacher wears a sign that says "Good Teacher", same for the bad teacher

think of different situations - what does the good teacher do - what does the bad teacher do. Do the bad teacher first, then do the good teacher.

example: Student comes up to bad teacher with a home work problem. Asks for help. Teacher says "I don't have time for you now." Then have the student repeat the question to a good teacher. She gets a helpful response.

I looked for sites and really didn't find any - but I think you could take this and run with it.

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