Chemistry question?

Question:i know schools do different stuff in general for classes but i have a question. is Chemistry honors hard? i mean i did good in regular bio and my teacher said that i could do it so she put me in it. though i am having some doubts about this. was it easy for you or hard? i'm a sophomore by the way

When I was in high school I was also in honors chem and I have to tell you that it was a bear! My teacher was so freaking annoying I mean like every single person in the galss got like a C. I would check to see who your teacher is because the only reason I did bad is because my teahcer sucked. I seriously had all A's in every science class before chem. In all chemistry is hard in the beginning but easier as you go on. Yet honors chem is essential if you want to be in the medical or science field.
Atleast in my school Honors Chemistry and Physics just had a ton more complicated math
It's not easy, but it is quite do-able. It also depends on the teacher, I think if you push yourself a little, you can do it.
Yeah, I don't know where you go to school, but I'm a Senior in highschool, (in Texas) and it is a very challenging class. If you're going straight from regular Bio to Honors Chem, it'll be a hard, in Tx there's like Pre-honors...something like that, to get you ready for the honor class. Just know that if it's too challenging in the first few weeks, talk to your counsolor.
My daughter is a Jr and has been a straight "A" student. Last year (Sophmore) they put her in Honors classes...Her grades slipped to B's and even a C! She said it was way too much for her to handle.

They tried placing her in Honors classes again this year and I refused!

Good Luck!
If you plan to go to college, you will be so glad that you had this experience in high school, as opposed to seeing the material for the first time in a college class.

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