Can someone please help me plzzzzzzzzzz?

Question:i have a exam coming soon and i dunno anything.
my subjects to worry are physics and maths and i dunnot know what to do.
please someone help me.....

Hey do one thing...list out all the topics in physics and maths.
Make a time table so that you can be able to complete it well in advance(before the examination date!).You are not specific with the subjects(i mean...u didnt mention it here).Atleast study 5-6hrs a day and you will see wonders(with all your mind).Don't worry at all.You do your best and God will do the rest.Self discipline and Confidence always plays a major role in SUCCESS.Stick-on to your time-table.surely you can finish your portion and you will have more time to revise(for subject revision).Hope this helps you!All the best dear.
u can try to be more specific
Yes,you have exam on Physics and maths. On which topics?is it the whole Math or Physics? pls be more specific so that we know how to help.
Talk to your teacher and find out what you need to be focusing in on and then STUDY like crazy.
Not gonna help you and hopefully noone else will either... i mean, asking for advice etc is fine, but you're asking for people to do all the work for you by the sounds of it...

And specific means what area of maths and physics? University or highschool? What subjects within maths/physics...
try to go through some suggestive question, the time is too short to prepare yr self
Study your backside off.
It would be helpful if you could be more specific. Not sure if you want emotional help or subject matter. Without this info, I'd advise you to get as relaxed as you can, try to gather in your mind what you need to know, and take the exam. You either know it or you don't. The exam will help you figure this out, this is what they're actually for. With the exam's results, you'll be able to see what you need to study further if you want to continue with this.
get extra work an stuff from ur teacher and revise thoroughly atleast 1 or 2 hourz. get revision books and dont mess about and waste ur time i was shaitin it cause i missed 2 weeks off scool i went pakiland in december but den i got good results everythang is in godz hand dont worry take it easy don't get stressed or anything just do as much as u can and try ur best thatz important.
gud luck xxx
wish u all da best

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