Do teachers ever feel aroused?

Question:Back in high school , I've encountered so many situations wherein a female teacher tries to flirt with a certain student. Are there times where they are attracted to younger male students?

Only the freaks and I never found one as hard as I looked. I went through class transfers, expulsions, but the best was in 7th grade I was flirting with this new art teacher who was fresh from college. I think it was even her first year and everything, well long story short I heard that that was her last year as a teacher - apparently she decided it wasn't for her. Either My flirting is just that bad or that darn good.
Yeah and you can usually tell when get hard if you catch what i am saying
sure, they're only human too.
i think it should be encouraged - great way to get sex education
yea man it sucked i wish i never looked. i was in the library and i saw some teacher sitting at a table in the far corner reading a book in the library.. i noticed other females at the desk. once they left got up face the corner of the library and did the "flip up"
yea i should have never looked

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