Can someone please help me choose the right career?

Question:Hi, i am in 8th grade and im 13. Today in English class,
our teacher read out a essay about choosing a career that we like. The essay said things about there is more to just money and its not good to hate what you do everyday. she told us to think of what makes us happy. I understand this is way to young a age to choose a future, but i like thinking ahead and planning. I wanted to become a lawyer because i like to stand out and prove to people i am right. But i always felt like its for my parents, so they can be proud of me as being well educated and have a lot of money. But its not really something i love to do. What i love to do, is figure skate. I want to be a figure skating coach. My family never had the oppurtunity to put me in figure skating because of lack of money so i want to make a difference by helping young skaters learn. I understand it is challenging and demanding but i also know that it pays off. So... what do you think? is this possible for me or am i just dreaming?

Awww, you all stuck, lol. I have the same situation, i would love to be a figure skating coach and compete, also i love acting and music. I suggest you find some infomation out about coaching, you could deffinatly coach younger children, and as your skills increse, so will they, its a slow process but if its what you love, go for it! Off ice practice helps alot. You can start now by going to first aid courses, any age can take them and most figure skater coaches know basic first aid. A lawyer takes alot of hard work in higher education and have really good grades. If you want to do it as it will make your parents happy, iam sure they wil be happy as long as they see your are happy and doing somethink you love, like your dad been a rugby was it? lol. It is possibale, and no your not dreaming! there are level 1 coaches who are 18! and level one involves teaching people how to skate in a straight line. Lawyers have a lot of money, but you have to think, what to you want, what would you enjoy do to more in life, can you imagine your self been a lawyer, or a coach. They are very different jobs but both conatian alot of dedication. Follow your heart! Talk to techers, email coahes and lawyers and find out whats involved in each job.
The best thing to do never expect to have a dream job. Try diffrent jobs from driving a taxi to trying to be the president of a company. While trying diffrent jobs you will come across something that you are comfortable in. Please do not allow money to be your reason to work for a company that you do not want too. All that will happen is you'll love the money but hate the job. And your life will pass you by. So do what cha like but stay in school and get a better education and talk to people that have diffrent jobs and maybe then something will catch your eye. Good Luck to you.
Can you become a skating coach without training experience for yourself in figure skating?
pharmacy(farm-a-c)u get 40 dollars and hour just for handing ppl ther medicin
why don't you be an english teacher and teach ESOL?
It's certainly a possibility that you could teach younger skaters, you may not be able to teach high level skaters, but many coaches teach beginning and lower level skaters, and also take some lessons themselves. If you started taking lessons now you could probably get to a juvenile level in a few years if you just work hard, which you could continue to take lessons and get higher, and really you could coach beginning skaters and then be able to get higher. You could also skate and coach, and then hold another job that you would enjoy. Hope that helped.
i think if its what u want to do then its a great idea- the real test is: will u still think the same way in a few years time? like for me, i decided i wanted to be a secondary school teacher in y8 (thats 7th grade) now im going into y11 (10th grade) and now ive had some experience of it, by teaching small groups, and helping my friends out with homework and exam revision etc, im even more sure its what i want to do- now all u need to do is convince people its what u really wanna do, n its not just some kind of childish ambition that'll change in a few months or so (this could take a while by the way, so dont be put off if its what u really want) and good luck! hope this helps xXx

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