Am I stupid?

Question:I scored 70 on an IQ test.I don't think IQ tests are fair,they seem very much based on Math(which is my worst subject,I always fail math) and so I always score poorly.But I'm good at other subjects such as History,Geography,and English.But now everyone is making fun of me saying I'm stupid,am I?

If you managed to take an IQ test, you probably aren't that thick. Try again and this time pay attention.
nah ;) a stupid person wouldn't try
no u r not stupid, if u want get a tutor maybe, but u r average not stupid
i dont think you are stupid, your friends are just picking on you. i am right there with u cause i stink at math, dont sweat it
70 on an IQ test would be someone with barely any ability to think or reason whatsoever. I doubt you are stupid. Those tests test a certain kind of smarts. There are all kinds of smarts in this world.
no. we all suck at something and are good at something. ignore them
well i hate to call anyone stupid but u arent stupid u just have a wak point in math study hard and take it again if u can u will be smarter than everyone!
Well Kinda Stupid But Not Really Stupid OK So You Kinda Stupid But Not Alot Of Stupid
NO you are not. IQ tests can be very gender, race, and culture specific. Intelligence and "book smart" are two completely different concepts.

While you may need to be intelligence to become "book smart" if you aren't book smart doesn't mean you aren't intelligent.

Intelligence is the capability to learn.not what you have learned.
Most people with an IQ of 70 wouldn't even be able to pose the question, let alone find a place to get answers (or at least opinions). I'd suggest finding a place to take another test, as I have a feeling something was wrong with how yours was scored. Your grammar is certainly better than what I'd expect of a person whose IQ is only 70!
No way are you stupid. You understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. Don't listen to those ridiculous comments from others. Ask for help in your areas of weakness. Talk to your math teachers and ask lots of questions in class. And continue to shine in your areas of strength. Be generous with your knowledge and willing to help others who need help in your areas of strength. And always remember, EVERYONE has gifts. Just because math is not one of yours, most certainly does not make you stupid.
your not stupid. I think an IQ test doesn't prove anything you can still be smart even if you have a low IQ. Your as smart as you want to be.
NO. self esteem is most important ! :)
Where'd you do an IQ test? Online? At school? You have to go to a special psychologist to get an IQ test. They measure your reflexes, blood pressure, your daily activities, an intellect test, etc.
You're not stupid, you just have different strengths from other people.
Less than 70 is considered mentally handicapped.

However IQ tests can be off in either direction.

Frankly, I think you are a fraud. Most people with an IQ of 70 would not type or spell this well, unless you had help.
The irony of an IQ test is that it doesn't really measure a persons intelligence.
You are aware of your weaknesses and therefore are much smarter than many of the students I teach.
Don't worry about what other people say.
No, you are NOT stupid. IQ tests are biased against certain students.
If you look at the history of IQ testing you will see it started as a pathetic joke. People liked the concept though and have tried for years to patch it up and make something legitimate of it. They have failed.
No, you're not stupid.
Everyone is good and not good at different subjects. That's because everyone is different.
You don't need to pay attention to those people. Just make sure you're always next to your friends, your friends might help you improve your math scores. =)
IQ tests scores are sometimes a ranking method to see how you compare to others. Somewhat like a percentile score. A score of 70 ranks you in the lower part of this range. According to the article cited below, you rank in the second percentile, this simply means that out of 100 people who take this test 2 people score worse than you and 98 of 100 score better. Stupid- NO, low achieving-YES

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