1st and 2nd grade education?

Question:i want to become a 1st or 2nd grade teacher. what type of degree do i need I know it's in early childhood education but do I need an Associates a B.A. or a masters and do i need to get certified

it depends on the state. i found this site that is linked to the departments of education in all fifty states. just select the state you want to teach in and it will go to that agency's website. good luck!

Well, i am in my last semester of school before i am certified teacher. What you have to do is take education classes at a college. Go to a guidance counslor and they will help you. YOu have to take 3 tests and get a 240/300 on each of them. and you have to do 3 different student teahings. the first one is only 50 hrs. the second one is every day but only half day. the last one is all day every day, you are basically a teacher jsut not getting paid for it. and at the same time you are taking classes at college. then once all of this is done you get an inital certification then you must teach for 4 years until you are a certified teacher. Sounds like a lot but it is worth it if you like kids.
Well, some states still have first and second grade as elementary (along with K through 5 or 6), but others have it as early childhood. You WILL need to be certified in order to be able to teach. That's a Bachelor of Science, and depending on your college (and when you can get into classes), it will be four to five years. (The early childhood program at my previous college was a five year program).

It depends on the college, but you'll most likely start out as a pre-major. You'll have to take the Praxis I, which tests Math, Verbal, and Writing ability, and pass two or three introductory classes (and finish most of your General Education classes) before you can be admitted to the program. One of the introductory classes involves observing a teacher, so you can see if you want to teach, or if you like that particular age group. Some people have changed their minds. You'll take more education classes once you're officially an Education Major. You'll also have methods, which is every day for two to three periods (or about half a day) for about five to six weeks, then you'll student teach (basically pay to work).

This is pretty much the standard, though different requirements vary between states and colleges. The things that WILL NOT change will be the fact you'll need to be certified and you'll have to have at least a Bachelor of Science. Also, some states requirements for a passing score for the Praxis tests vary. A few don't even require the Praxis I; the college I went to in Ohio didn't as long as a student already had a Bachelor's degree or scored a certain amount on the ACT.
Yes, you have to become certified.

You need a degree in Elementary Education. Some states will accept a degree in Early Childhood Education (Birth to 3rd grade). Where I went to college they offered an Elementary degree and an Early Childhood degree. It was 12 college credits more than a regular Elementary degree. After 1 year I am now a 1st grade teacher. I think my Early Childhood degree and my Elementary degree gave me a huge advantage over those with only one because I can teach anything from a school's childcare facility, to preschool, primary and on up to 6th grade.

Check to see what your state's requirements are by contacting your state's Department of Education. I would also check with colleges to see what they offer as well.

Also be aware that "elementary" is different to different states. Some do not consider 6th grade as elementary, my state (Missouri) now considers Kindergarten as Early Childhood. All of our Kindergarten teachers have to have Early Childhood degrees unless they have been grandfathered in (taught before the law was made).
Well,the major doesn't matter always. I'm an elementary teacher with a degree in journalism and poli sci but I have a M.S. in education. You need at least a 4 year college degree to be a teacher. However, some places require you to complete a master's within a certain time frame (in NY, it's within 5 years after you start teaching).

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