Alternative licensing for teachers in IN or OH?

Question:I am currently a headhunter for a large corporation and I am sick of the corporate world and always wanted to tach but never did becuase of the lack of money. Now that money is not such a big deal I want to quit my job and follwo my dreams of being a teacher in either Indiana or Ohio (I live on the border). I have a BS in Business administration and a MBA. Do I need to go back to school to get my BA in education or are there alternative routes to becoming a teacher in these two states? Any one out there that became a teacher going this route in either OH or IN? I know all states differ on what they require and I am just trying to figure out what I need to do.

Please only knowledgable answers. I would appreciate any and all assistance you may have.

I am licensed as a social studies teacher in Indiana and completed an alternative program to receive my credentials, even as an undergrad.

Indiana University's Community of Teachers is performance based: you find a mentor/school you like, teach/help one day a week which helps you build a portfolio to show later and take courses in your subject area (this eliminates lots of ed courses you'd otherwise take). You would most likely have lots of business/economics courses that might qualify you for a business ed, math or social studies (economics-focused) license from your previous studies. Plus you can complete your work as fast as you can - I took classes online in addition to my reg undergrad ones. This program would probably lead to another masters in education (which also guarantees higher teacher pay ;)

There is also IU Transition to Teaching which is also designed for post-bachelors. Also, if you are interested in becomign dual-certified or adding special education, you are much more likely to be hired; the field is competitive in Indiana and Ohio.

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