How should teacher be evaluated?

Answers:    Fairly and not based on mishaps. Basically if you saw the instructor doing a suitable effort, endorse it.

If there are areas that call for polishing that will make his/her class better subsequent time it is taught, constructively put together recommendations.

Plainly, evaluate them as you would resembling to be evaluated yourself should the roles be reversed.
Teachers should be evaluated in a choice of ways. Administration should often "walk-through" the classroom to only just see how the day-to-day workings go. There should be a minimum of two Formal evaluations, (where the admin sits down and watches a lesson/class start to finish) both planned and unscheduled. This gives the mentor every opportunity to present her skills to the administration. One he/she could literally put on a 'show' for presentation purposes, but unscheduled, they will see what they would customarily have planned.
Student see could/should play some part contained by the performance evaluation, but think twice! Some years teachers gain higher kids, some years lower!

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