Are teachers aware that kids are coming on Q & A to get people to do their home work for them?

I'm aware of it. One way I handle this as a teacher is to give as much time in class as possible for working on assignments. During essay projects, my classes are writing workshops where the student must work during class and achieve a set goal before the end of the class period. If the student doesn't, I have a guest after school until the job is done. My students are required to build a portfolio of all of their writing assignments.

I also require all writing process work to be handwritten. Graphic organizers, informal and formal outlines, and especially the rough draft cannot be done on any computer. I will not accept typed work during the writing process. While this is done in part to minimize cheating as any cheated assignment will require more work on their part and look far too clean, the other benefit is that students see writing as an often messy development from disorganization to organization. I show them scrawled and messy drafts of my own work.

Collecting writing and other assignments done in class gives us an accurate picture of the student's voice and writing abilities. By the end of the first quarter, I have seen enough writing samples from each student that just about any form of cheating will raise red flags as I read the questionable work.
Yes. Do you have a suggestion on how to stop it?
Yes. You still have to evaluate if the answer is correct and you're responsible for your choice, so it's okay in my book.
no, thats the problem. but keep in mind, when the test comes up, they end up failing, so asking homework questions on Y!A is really just hurting them in the long run.

I have never fully answered a "homework" type question...just given guidance in the right direction.
I think its creative! Im a teacher and I think its kind of like using Cliff Notes instead of reading the novel. As long is it is not abused...but asking for help here and there is nothing to complain about! Arent there any other problems out there besides asking for homework help on Answers that you want to solve?? Sorry so negative...just seems a little minor when you look at the big picture! :)
I doubt they are aware of it. I don't know any teachers,but if I did I would bring it up to them. They do need to be made aware. Kids are not learning when they do this, it's the same
as copying.
I don't mind helping or giving suggestions but it blows me away when people will write a entire essay for a kid. The thing is teacher's usually know what they can expect from their students. When they get assignments that are not consistent with a students prior work I think they are smart enough to know that isn't the child's work.
i am not a teacher, at least not right now. but i often see kids on here posting questions that are obviously meant to get other folks to do their homewok for them.

if any one does do their homework for them, all you have done is make them a bit lazier and dumber than they were before they posted the question.

i have even seen people request term papers or book reports be written for them. what a joke.
It's usually fairly easy to determine which "askers" need guidance and which ones are looking for someone to do their work for them. It's the same thing as getting help from a parent or someone else at home. Personally, I wish "answerers" would refuse to answer for those who are just looking for an easy way out. I doubt if that will ever happen.
We know that but what can we do?
Yup, well-aware.
But once they leave my classroom, cheating is out of my control. So I don't worry about it.

The universe balances itself on the test...
Yes and the trick is to ask questions in a way that people in will not answer. Another trick is to put the question on google and see if my exact question comes up the day I assign it.
Why not deliberately give an excellently-written, completely incorrect answer?
I think that we`re all aware of it, but if a child finds that he/she can get their homework done for them, then who can blame them ? You will find though, that many contributors will give a child a warning that they are out of order if they ask too much, and other contributors do heed it and stop answering. Their are a number of "serial" offenders who we all know and get tired of seeing. Once their answers are ignored, they stop coming on. I love answering the questions that are asked by pupils who are using the forum for the purposes for which it was intended. Hope this answers your point, Twiggy.

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